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Dr. Jack Wheeler on Obama and the Pirates

Lie Pie Title: Dr. Jack Wheeler on Obama and the Pirates
Lie Pie Classification: liar gone viral pie, election lie pie, flag wrap

Editor's note:  It appears that Dr. Jack Wheeler continues to spew his foul putrescence and unfortunately has once again gone viral.  This time he is contributing to the inaccurate portrayal of President Obama's decision making during the pirate crisis.  The viral email below is from an April 17th entry on Dr. Wheeler's website.

I first encountered Dr. Wheeler's handiwork in the run up to the election in Obama=Zero.  During my research, I ran across Dr. Wheeler's Feb. 4, 2008 interview on BlogTalk Radio with Andrea Shea King. In this interview, Dr. Wheeler discussed his then-recent article, "How the Clintons will Destroy John McCain" where he claimed that POW John McCain was not a resident of the Hanoi Hilton for any meaningful stretch, but was instead frolicking with hookers in his own apartment in town courtesy of the North Vietnamese.  Mind you, this interview was aired the night before Super Tuesday.  John McCain was favored to become the Republican nominee for President, but Dr. Wheeler was a Romney man.  As you listen to the radio interview and read his "article," you'll see that there is no means to verify anything Dr. Wheeler says--all his sources are inaccessible to the rest of us, and we are left to simply trust the word of good Dr. Wheeler.  Now, bull.

Needless to say, Dr. Wheeler clearly thinks regular folks need to be duped by a steady stream of misinformation if they are to cast the kind of votes necessary for his brand of "democracy" to flourish.  Dr. Wheeler appears to be a self-styled expert in deception and subterfuge, and has no scruples about employing rumors and whisper campaigns to goad unsuspecting Americans into voting for what is good for them as Dr. Wheeler sees fit.  He fancies himself a great patriot as you'll see if you read his bio, but I would beg to differ.  He has nothing but contempt for democracy or he would be more circumspect about swindling folks at election time.  I'd wager that power ranks higher than The People on Dr. Wheeler's priority list.

Help yourself to Dr. Wheeler's fresh, steaming pile of B.S. below.  --Granny, 4/29/09

P.S.  It disgusts me how this charlatan thinks he can disguise himself and confuse people with his effusive praise of the military.  "The U.S. military is superb!  God Bless America, drink this dixie cup of Kool-Aid!  Let's give our brave soldiers a round of applause!"  This viral email is a classic flag wrap, which you can read more about here.  --Granny, 4/29/09


We can raise a full glass of your favorite adult beverage to all the Tea Party participants - and to the one group of Americans the Zerocrats despise above all others:  our soldiers in the US military.

All of us want to raise our glass the highest this week to the Navy SEALs who popped those three Somali pirates.  And I'm sure you want to hear the real story of what happened.   Especially because there is a revoltingly opportunistic and cowardly side to it.  Guess which side Zero is on.

Why, for example, did it take SEAL Team Six (aka DEVGRU, Navy Special Warfare Development Group, the Navy's equivalent of Delta Force) over 36 hours to get to the scene?

Because Zero refused to authorize the SEAL deployment for those 36 hours, during which the OSC - the on scene commander, Cmdr. Frank Castellano of the USS Bainbridge - repeatedly requested them.

Once the SEALs arrived - parachuting from a C-17 into the ocean near the ship - Zero then imposed Rules of Engagement (ROE) specifying the SEALs could not do anything unless the life of the hostage, Captain Richard Phillips, was in "imminent" danger. Thus, when Capt. Phillips attempted to escape by jumping off the lifeboat into the ocean, the SEAL snipers had all four pirates (one later surrendered) sighted in and could have ta ken them out then and there - but they could not fire due to Zero's ROE restrictions.

When the SEALs approached the lifeboat in a RIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat) carrying supplies for Capt. Phillips and the pirates, the pirates fired upon them.  Not only was no fire returned due to the ROE, but as the pirates were shooting at the RIB, SEAL snipers on the Bainbridge had them all dialed in.  No triggers were pulled due to the ROE.

Two specific rescue plans were developed by Cmdr. Castellano and the SEAL teams.  Zero personally refused to authorize the it. After the second refusal and days of dithering, Cmdr. Castellano decided he had the Operational Area and OSC authority to "solely determine risk to hostage" and did not require any further approval of the president.

Four hours later, the White House is informed that three pirates are dead and Capt. Phillips has been rescued unharmed.  A WH press release is immediately issued, giving credit to the president for his "daring and decisive" behavior that resulted in such success.

Zero has absolutely no military knowledge or experience whatsoever.  He demanded decisional control over the entire hostage drama to the last detail.  All actions required his personal approval.  He dithered like a coward while the world laughed at our warships flummoxed by four illiterate teenagers with AKs in a lifeboat. Only when the Navy Commander decided to ignore his Pantywaist-in Chief and take action and responsibility himself, were the incredible skills of the SEALs put into play.

That Zero could cynically and opportunistically claim that his "bold" "calm" "tough" leadership was responsible should remind everyone that not a single action, not a single word of this man can be trusted.  He is bereft of honesty and moral character.  That's why he's Zero.

The HFR raises a glass full of pride and gratitude to Navy Commander Frank Castellano, the Navy SEALs for their incredible competence, and our military.  Let's hold a Tea Party in their honor.

"Make sure you know both sides of the issues so you don't sound like a jackass. Even Old King Solomon didn't judge until after the second man got a turn to speak."