Welcome to LiePie.com, Honey!  Don't be bashful, come on in to Granny's website!  Goodness sakes, you are growing like a weed!


You might be wondering what a "lie pie" is.  Well, chances are if you have a computer, email, friends and family, you've received LOADS of them.  Here's the official definition from the good folks here at LiePie.com:


Lie pie:  n.   A factually inaccurate viral email from a sender who believes it to be true. 


A viral email (sometimes called a "chain letter" or "email chain") is just as contagious as a home-baked pie -- someone you trust makes one for you, and right away you call in the whole family to share it.  Who can resist something so tart and juicy, handcrafted just for you with love?  Nobody, honey.   


LiePie.com is a place where you can visit your old granny and help me round up loose lie pies.  Sadly, I'm afraid we'll never get rid of lie pies altogether.  Once they're unleashed, you can't kill them with an ax.  At least we can try to keep an eye on them right here.  Why don't you stay awhile and look around a little bit?  I'll be in the kitchen if you need me, you sweet thing!  Granny is sure happy to see you!

Welcome Honey
"You keep an eye on your elected officials 24/7/365, and don't you fall for these lying 30-second ads they bombard you with a week out from the election."